Sunset Climate Zone Region

Northern California

Want to know which Sunset Plants grow best in your region? Use the map image and climate zone descriptions below to identify your location, and then click the Zone number for a list of plants ideal for your region.

Coldest mountain and intermountain areas of the contiguous states and Southwestern British Columbia
Coldest Eastern Rockies and plains climate of Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, and Southern Alberta
Cold mountain and intermountain areas
Warmer-summer intermountain climate
Mild areas of mountain and intermountain climates
Mildest areas of intermountain climates
Cold-winter areas of the north coast and mild-winter areas of Alaska and British Columbia
Marine influence along the Northwest coast, Puget Sound, and South Vancouver Island
The Willamette and Columbia River Valleys
Cold-air basins of California
Thermal belts of California
High desert areas of Arizona and New Mexico
Medium to high desert of California and southern Nevada
Low or subtropical desert areas
Northern California’s inland areas with some ocean influence
Chilly winters along the Coast Range
Central and Northern California Coast thermal belts
Marine effects in Southern Oregon, Northern and Central California

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Your zip code 92504 is located in Zone: 9b with a temperature range of: 25 to 30 °F.