Buddleia Butterfly Candy™ Lil’ Bubblegum™ Buddleia

Buddleia davidii ‘BotEx 005’ Home » The Collection » Buddleia Butterfly Candy™ Lil’ Bubblegum™ Bring a splash of color to your garden this spring and summer with the Butterfly Candy Buddleia series. Choose from an extraordinary array of bright colors in a compact package, and invite butterflies to your garden with these tasty butterfly treats. Growing only 2–3' high x 2–3' wide, Butterfly Candy butterfly bushes are easy-care, prune-free, and water-wise once established.
Buddleia Butterfly Candy™ Lil’ Bubblegum™ Buddleia
Feature Fragrant pink blooms spring to summer
USDA Zones Root hardy to -20°F to -10°F USDA zones 5–10
Sunset Zones 2–24
Special Features Attracts Pollinators, Compact habit, Deer Resistant, Drought tolerance, Easy Care, Heat Tolerance, Water-wise
Landscape Use Accent, Border, Container, Mass planting
Exposure Full sun
Flowering Season Spring to Summer
Dimensions 2–3' high x 2–3' wide
Growth Rate Moderate
Plant Type Evergreen
Water Needs Low Water Once Established
Soil Well-drained garden soil
Fertilizer Apply a balanced slow-release each spring
Pruning Shape in early spring before first flush

Planting Instructions

  • Dig in your native soil a hole as deep and wide as the container. We recommend planting in native soil for best acclimation.
  • Fill the hole with water and thoroughly water the new plant; allow both to drain.
  • Gently place the plant on its side and remove the pot. Place your hand on the bottom of the plant and put it in the hole.
  • Return native soil around root ball, wetting and gently tamping down.
  • To complete, create a shallow trench around the base of the plant to contain the water when watering.
  • Mulch 1-2" deep around plant, avoiding area closest to stem.

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