Summertime Blues™ Vitex

Vitex Hybrid ‘HELEN FROEHLICH’ Home » The Collection » Summertime Blues™ We love chaste trees for their ability to take tough conditions (heat, drought, full sun), but they normally get very large. This butterfly and bumblebee magnet is shrub size, with sterile flowers (so no weedy seedlings to worry about). Deciduous.
Summertime Blues™ Vitex
Feature Large lavender flowers on dark stems
USDA Zones Hardy to -20°F to -10°F USDA zones 5–10
Sunset Zones 3–24
Special Features Attracts Pollinators
Landscape Use Accent, Border, Container, Hedge
Exposure Full sun
Flowering Season Summer
Dimensions 5–6' high x 4–5' wide
Growth Rate Fast
Plant Type Deciduous
Water Needs Low Water Once Established
Fertilizer Fertilize yearly in spring
Pruning Shape in late winter

Planting Instructions

water before planting

plant in full sun

dig hole 2X the width of pot

backfill and plant 1”-2” above soil level

water deeply to settle, then add more soil if needed

mulch 1-2” deep around plant, avoiding area closest to stem

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